I am Douglas Jones, a seasoned artisan weaving tales of elegance through bespoke leatherwork. Hailing from the leather-rich traditions of the UK and further nurtured in the precision-driven ateliers of Japan I create bespoke watch straps.

My journey into the realm of bespoke watch straps began in 2014, fueled by a passion for the iconic Omega Speedmaster and a handful of gifted leather scraps.

My initiation into leather crafting was marked by the creation of a wallet inspired by "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.".The seed planted with that wallet quickly blossomed into a full-fledged passion. Then, after looking around and unable to find the perfect watch strap for my prized Omega, I decided to take matters into my own hands. The first attempts were, admittedly, a bit rough around the edges, but the satisfaction they brought was immeasurable. I was hooked.

In the pursuit of mastery and provide the best watch straps I could, I sought guidance from two revered Japanese craftsmen, Go-san of Designer Leathers GO and Noriyuki Misawa. Their wisdom and expertise became the cornerstones of my craft, pushing me to refine my skills through countless days and nights of dedication.

Fast forward to today, and my craft has evolved into something I am truly proud of. Drawing inspiration from the timeless designs of Japanese craftsmanship and the vibrant energy of the UK, I've made it my mission to create bespoke watch straps that are not just accessories but an extension of your personality.

Every piece I create is a labor of love, from handpicking the finest leathers sourced from around the world, including those favored by luxury brands like Hermes, to meticulously crafting each order with a personal touch. My dedication to excellence remains unwavering, even after individually handcrafting over 5000 pieces.

Having called Japan home since 2007, I've witnessed the ebb and flow of trends, the fusion of tradition and modernity, and the ever-evolving appreciation for handmade, custom leather goods. This journey has shaped not only my craft but also my perspective on the art of creation.

I invite you to join this journey—a journey where tradition meets innovation, where each stitch tells a story, and where passion is woven into every detail.

Thank you for being a part of my story.