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Gold Baranil / Barenia watch strap

Gold Baranil / Barenia watch strap

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The ultimate classic strap. Beautiful and natural, If there is a strap that just shouts elegance in all the right ways this is the strap. It's no wonder the same leather is used extensively at Hermes to make their watch straps and countless beautiful bags and saddles. this is old world beauty.

Leather details:
This strap is made from a golden brown Baranil/ Barenia leather from the Degermann and Haas tanneries in France.
The leather itself has a smooth appearance, and has good resistance to scratches. Fine scratches can be rubbed out with fingers. The leather will develop a lovely natural patina as it ages.
The strap goes great with almost any watch and will be something you look forward to put on each day.

Like all my straps, I craft it through every stage from the initial cuts to the final finish. Only the best materials are used and I take great pride in making something that you will use for a long time.

Strap Details:
The strap pictured is 115mm/ 75mm and tapered from 20mm to an 16mm buckle. The stitching is done in the linen thread and the colour is off white. The edges are painted and sealed with burnished bees wax to protect the leather and enhance the overall look. The lining is in a special leather developed specifically for watch straps called Zermatt. it is resistant to sweat and is hypoallergenic.

The thickness of the strap will be about 2.3mm. (Thickness can be make thicker or thinner to suit)

As standard the size of the strap will be 115mm/ 75mm to fit a regular sized wrist.

Straps will be tapered as standard to fit these buckle sizes: *can be custom tapered on request.
24mm lug width to 22mm buckle
22mm lug width to 20mm buckle
21mm lug width to 18mm buckle
20mm lug width to 16mm buckle
19mm lug width to 16mm buckle
18mm lug width to 16mm buckle
17mm lug width to 16mm buckle
16mm lug width to 14mm buckle

Extra small 95/ 65 will fit a 5 inch wrist
Small sized band 105/70 will fit a 6 inch wrist
Medium size 115/ 75 will fit a 7 inch wrist
Large size 125/85 will fit an 8 inch wrist


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