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Gold Foulonne French calf watch strap

Gold Foulonne French calf watch strap

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If you're looking for a luxurious and durable watch strap, this Silky Soft Foulonne Calf Leather Strap with Pebble Grain is the perfect choice. Crafted from the finest French leather, this strap features a beautiful pebble grain texture and is as durable as the famous Barenia leather used by Hermes.

Craftsmanship and Material

Each strap is crafted with the utmost care, from the initial cuts to the final finish. Only the best materials are used, and great pride is taken in creating something that will last for years to come. The stitching is done with the finest linen thread, while the edges are colored and finished with wax. The lining is made from Zermatt leather, which is sweat-resistant and hypoallergenic.

Strap Details

The strap pictured is 115mm/75mm and tapered from 20mm to a 16mm buckle. The thickness of the strap is about 2.8mm. As standard, the size of the strap will be 115mm/75mm to fit a regular-sized wrist. Straps will be tapered as standard to fit the buckle sizes listed below:

24mm lug width to 22mm buckle
22mm lug width to 20mm buckle
21mm lug width to 18mm buckle
20mm lug width to 18mm buckle
19mm lug width to 16mm buckle
18mm lug width to 16mm buckle
17mm lug width to 16mm buckle
16mm lug width to 14mm buckle
Custom requests for tapering can be made during checkout.

Size Guide

The strap sizes and approximate wrist sizes are as follows:

Extra small 95/65 will fit a 5-inch wrist
Small sized band 105/70 will fit a 6-inch wrist
Standard size 115/75 will fit a 7-inch wrist
Large size 125/85 will fit an 8-inch wrist

Photos courtesy of Special dial

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