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Horween #8 Chromexcel watch strap

Horween #8 Chromexcel watch strap

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Add this strap to your watch to give it a vintage and classical look that will enhance the looks of any wrist.

This strap pictured is 20mm at the lug tapered to 18mm with dark brown thread to blend. It is made from a Chromexcel #8 Horween leather with a soft Zermatt lining. The stitching is done with a hand waxed linen thread.
When the strap is flexed the deep burgundy colour that makes the so sought after is more clearly visible.

Horween produce leather for many luxury products and has been tried and tested for over a century to be a stunning and long lasting leather.
Over time the strap will gain a natural patina which can't be bought and is something personal to you.

Hand stitched items are far superior to machine sewn as the machine can't replicate the strength and quality of the saddle stitch used.

extra small 95/ 65 will fit a 5 inch wrist
small sized band 105/70 will fit a 6 inch wrist
Standard size 115/ 75 will fit a 7 inch wrist
large size 125/85 will fit an 8 inch wrist


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