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Saddle brown Horween Russian hatch grain watch strap

Saddle brown Horween Russian hatch grain watch strap

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I'm excited to introduce this strap, it's a Horween Russian Hatch grain in saddle brown. It has a rich colour and texture which I have tried to capture in the pictures but as always some things are lost in a photo. It has a very classic look which would work great with vintage watches or with a suit.

As with all my straps I personally make each strap to order to ensure that it is finished to the highest standards. I use only traditional craft techniques and no machines in their creation. I also hand stitch every part. Although all this is labor intensive the end result is worth all the effort.

Strap Details: The strap pictured is tapered from 20mm to 16mm and is the standard size 115mm/75mm.
The Edges are painted and burnished with beeswax. The whole strap is hand stitched with matching French fil au chinois linen waxed thread.
I use Zermatt leather for the lining which is sweat resistant (great in summer) and hypoallergenic.
It is about 2.3mm thick.
(can be made thicker on request)

Straps will be tapered as standard to fit these buckle sizes: *can be custom tapered on request.
24mm lug width to 22mm buckle
23mm lug width to 20mm buckle
22mm lug width to 20mm buckle
21mm lug width to 18mm buckle
20mm lug width to 16mm buckle
19mm lug width to 16mm buckle
18mm lug width to 16mm buckle
17mm lug width to 16mm buckle
16mm lug width to 14mm buckle

If you would like it tapered to something different please include the request during checkout.

As I make the straps to order I am able to take requests on the length and the stitching colour. Please Email me before ordering to check if I can do your requests.

All straps come with a buckle and spring bars.

For an APPROXIMATE wrist size guide

Extra small 95/ 65 will fit a 5-inch wrist
Small sized band 105/70 will fit a 6-inch wrist
Standard size 115/ 75 will fit a 7-inch wrist
Large size 125/85 will fit an 8-inch wrist


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